League Rules - CSL

Rules pertaining to Referees



1. Name.

This League shall bear the name: Cosmopolitan Soccer League, Inc.



1. General Rules. 
All games within this League shall be conducted under the rules recognized by this League. Games sponsored by the USSF and/or games sponsored by the State Associations in which this League is domiciled, shall take precedence over games of this League.

3. Playing Field.

A. Size. 

Limitations as to the size of the field, height of the corner flags, goal measurements, and required markings of the field are accorded to the Rules and Regulations of FIFA.

B. Markings 

The home club shall be responsible for visible, correct and clear markings of the playing field, and fencing off the playing area, if feasible.

C. Goal Nets.

Standard Goal Nets shall be used in all games. 

D. Maintenance of Order. 

The playing field is to be protected against overflowing by the public. The home team is responsible for any disorders which may arise from insufficient protection and supervision. If any official or member of the visiting club causes or participates in a disturbance the visiting club may also be held responsible.

5. Starting Time.

If a home team fails to have the field properly marked after the referee has given the team the necessary time, the team will be punished by losing the game and being fined according to the forfeit fine schedule.

If any team is not ready to play at the scheduled time, the game may be played under protest. If a team is not able to field the minimum number of players (7) at the scheduled start time, the team will be fined an unwaivable fine of $100.00, which will go to the non-offending team. Both teams will be fined and the fine will go to the league if both teams are not ready at the scheduled time. If at fifteen minutes past the scheduled start time, either or both teams are not ready to play, the referee shall deem the offending team(s) to have forfeited the game. In addition to the forfeit, the offending club will be fined.

7. Length of Game.


Should the game or games preceding the same Club’s senior game be delayed so that the completion of the "first team" game would be endangered through lack of time, the referee is required to reduce the playing time of these previous game(s). In accordance with FIFA law, the halves of all games must be of equal time. The referee of any later game has no right to interfere with a game in progress.

8. Minimum Number of Players.
A team must field at least seven (7) players in any game of this League, unless otherwise specified, as in indoor tournaments.

9. Line-Up Forms and Uniforms.
Prior to the commencement of any game, each team must present a properly completed line-up form to the referee. If a properly completed line-up form cannot be submitted to the referee before the game commences, the game may be started, at the discretion of the referee, with the agreement that the line-up form be submitted before the start of the second half.

If either or both teams still cannot submit a properly completed line-up form to the referee by the start of the second half, the game will be played to completion and the name of the offending team or teams is to be sent to the Arbiter for action.

10. Player and Coaches Passes.
A. All players must present their player passes to the referee before the start of any league or cup game.

B. The coach must present his or her coach’s pass to the referee before the start of any league or cup game. If one team cannot present a coach’s pass to the referee, there is no game and the offending team may be fined and forfeit the game. If neither team can present a coach’s pass to the referee, both teams may be fined and the decision whether to replay the game will be referred to the league office.

11. Uniforms.
Teams shall appear in proper uniform attire for all league and cup games. Players who, in the judgment of the referee, are not properly attired will be ordered off the field. In addition, the referee must order any players off the field, if, in the referee’s opinion, their dress could lead to an error in judgment. The home team shall always wear their "home" jerseys (except white) and the away team shall wear either white jerseys or jerseys which do not clash with the home team’s jersey colors. The away team must change jerseys if there is any color clashing or conflict.

All players must have a clearly legible number on the back of their jersey and on the front. (The back to be a minimum of 4" and the front a minimum of 3") 

All team jerseys shall have affixed to the right sleeve of each jersey a Cosmopolitan Soccer League patch designated as such by the Executive Board. This rule shall take effect the year of its passage for all teams participating in regional and national cups and shall take effect for all league teams one year after its passage.

Team Captains shall wear an armband on the upper left sleeve of their jersey. They are the only ones who are permitted to talk to the referee.


12. Procedure in Case of Bad Weather.
In the case of bad weather on the days prior to a scheduled game, the home club must get in touch with the league office before 12 noon the day prior to the game. The League will then send a member of the Executive Board or a referee to inspect the grounds for their fitness. After getting the report from the inspector, the League will act accordingly.

If the weather is bad or threatening on the day of game, clubs and referees shall obtain information by telephone from the league office to ascertain whether the scheduled game can be played, before starting on the trip to the opponent’s field. The home club shall report to the League on such days at least 3 hours before the start of the game, concerning the condition of the field. The League shall have the right to call off a game if weather conditions appear to make the playing of the match impossible.

If, after the League has decided that the game can be played, the weather worsens, the referee shall determine if the game can be played. If the referee decides that the game cannot be played, the home club shall immediately call the League office to determine the disposition of subsequent games. Neither team can postpone subsequent games without the permission of the League. If the subsequent game is scheduled to start within 2 hours of the time that the League decides that the game can’t be played, the home club shall have a representative at the field to notify players and the referee that the game has been postponed.

If, after the League has decided that the game can be played, the owner or manager closes the field, the home club shall immediately notify the League and shall have a representative at the field to notify players and the referee that the field has been closed. If an alternate field is available, the game can be moved at the direction of the League. The home club shall have a representative at the field to direct players and the referee to the alternate field.

13. Non-Appearance of Referee.
If the referee appointed fails to appear, the captains of the competing teams should agree upon another referee for the game who need not be officially registered. In such cases the home club must furnish the league office within 24 hours with a complete report, players list and score. A game played under these conditions shall be considered properly played, according to schedule. If both teams cannot agree on a mutually acceptable person to referee the games, the game will be replayed at a time determined by the League.

14. Substitutes.
The amount of substitutions shall be governed by the state association rules. Currently teams are permitted to use 18 players and re-substitution is permitted in all games expect Division I games. In all Division I games, teams are permitted to use 18 players, but a player who has been substituted for shall NOT be allowed to return to the same game. No substitution whatever shall be made for a player ordered from the field of play by the referee.

15. Intermission.
The referee shall have the right to shorten the intermission period between halves, which should not exceed 10 minutes if the start of the game has been delayed, or other reasons make it advisable. However, he must grant an intermission of at least 5 minutes if any of the competing teams requests it.


26. Referees.

All referees used by this League must be in possession of their annual identification card issued by the USSF. Referees fees shall be fixed by respective State Associations. If the referee finds the grounds in unplayable condition he shall be entitled to his traveling expenses to be paid by the home club, provided the game had not been officially called off.

A. Referees must examine players’ passes before the start of the game and watch the correct signing of the form by each individual player.

B. Each referee is required to report to the league office not later than 24 hours after the game, on an official form, issued by respective State Association, the score of the game, as well as any other matters, such as players cautioned or ordered off the field. In the latter case the ejected Player’s Pass must accompany the referee’s report.

C. He shall also report all accidents and injuries.

27. Linesmen.
Each club shall furnish one linesman for each game when no official linesmen have been assigned by either the League or the respective State Association. In the event that the assigned linesman/linesmen fail to appear, the clubs shall agree on the linesman/linesmen.


F. Rules Pertaining to Cautioned Players.

A player who is cautioned more than two times during a season shall be suspended as follows:
1) Three (3) cautions..... 1 game
2) Five (5) cautions..... 2 games
3) Seven (7) cautions..... 4 games
4) Each caution after seven (7)..... 4 games


1. Major Disturbances.
The following rule was created as a deterrent for all member clubs and will be enforced for a running 36 month after each first infraction.

The following is considered a major disturbance:
A. A player or players disputing a referee decision, thereby causing the game to be broken off.
B. The spectators of one or both teams entering the field of play and causing the referee to call the game.



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