League Rules - LISFL

Rules pertaining to Referees

LISFL Constitution


3. Jersey Numbers:
All teams registered in this league must wear numbers on their uniforms. The dimensions of the numbers shall be six to eight inches on the back of the shirt and three to four inches on the front of the shirt.


1. Player Registration Eligibility:

B. To be eligible to play for a club in any scheduled league or cup game, each player must, at the time of such game, be duly and properly registered with that club, and must produce a valid player’s pass. Clubs with teams in different divisions must have color coordinated passes.

4. Inter divisional Player Eligibility:
A player registered with a club in an age related division (Over 30 or Over 40) may play for any divisional team of his club provided he is eligible by age for that team. If a club fields an additional team in the O-30 or O-40 division, the passes must be color coded.

1. Rules of Soccer:
A. All games within this league shall be conducted under the rules recognized by this league which are the FIFA rules. National Open, National Amateur, ENYSSA, and League Cup games shall take precedence over league games, when teams have agreed to enter such competition.

D. Teams must have at least seven players on the field for a game to be official. Less than seven players constitutes a forfeit.

G. Should either team be unprepared to play at the time set by the league Scheduling Secretary, the referee shall allow a grace period of 15 minutes after scheduled kick-off time. The referee will so report to the league and the delinquent team will be fined as provided in Chapter X, and the game will be played. After a 30- minute grace period the game will be forfeited.

4. Referee Procedures:
A. The referee shall call all games according to the FIFA rules.
B. The referee shall forward to the league Scheduling Secretary the results of each game played, a list of the players participating and all particulars thereof, within three days of the game. Should there be any discrepancy in this report, the referee shall be called upon to clarify the same.
C. If the referee appointed to a game fails to appear for his engagement, the captains of the competing teams must agree on a referee for the game. In such event, both the referee so agreed upon and the home team shall forward full particulars to the league arbiter within three days of the game. 
D. If the referee fails to appear for his assigned game the home team must notify the Scheduling Secretary on the same day of said game. Clubs failing to do so shall be fined as listed in Chapter X. The Scheduling Secretary in turn shall forward the names of absentee referees to the referee associations for disciplinary action.
E. If the referee finds the grounds in unplayable condition, he shall be entitled to his traveling expenses to be paid by the home club, provided the game has not been officially called off. In case of forfeited games he shall be paid the full fee.

5. Game Procedures:
A. The names of all starting players must be submitted to the referee on an official lineup form before the start of the game.
B. All starting player’s passes shall be in the hands of the referee at game start.
C. The names of substitutes must be written on the form. Additions or corrections after the start of the game may take place at any time the referee deems convenient (at the time of substitution or at half time or full time), but in all cases legally registered players will be allowed to participate. Passes must be presented to the referee upon substitution into the game.
D. For the all divisions, seven substitutes with unlimited re-substitution is permitted.

6. Player and Team Conduct:
A. Every club is responsible to the league for the conduct of its players, officials and spectators and is required to take all necessary precautions to prevent threatening of officials and players during or at conclusion of a game. Each team must have four officials, wearing armbands indicating club official, who shall be legally responsible for the conduct of the club and the safety of the referee and the
opposing team.
B Any player who threatens an official shall be immediately subject to a four game suspension.
C. A player who attacks a referee shall receive a five year suspension from play in the Long Island Soccer Football League.
D. If within one season a club shall be involved in more than one case of referee assault, whether by its players or spectators, such club shall be suspended with all its teams for the balance of the seasonal year and for the ensuing seasonal year. In addition, the club’s bonds shall be automatically forfeited and the club shall be subject to such fines as may be assessed by the arbiter. Upon expiration of the club’s suspension, the club may be reinstated in the league by a two-thirds vote at the Annual Meeting at the end of the full year of suspension.
F. If during a game, three or more players become involved in a "free-forall", then the team whose player is the third player in will be punished according to the schedule of fines listed in Chapter X.

7. Fields:
G. If the weather is bad or threatening, clubs and the referee shall obtain information by telephone from the Scheduling Secretary to ascertain whether the game can be played.
H. The home club shall contact or e-mail the visiting club on or before the Wednesday evening prior to each game to confirm that the match is scheduled, reaffirm the time, place and directions, and to verify that the club uniform colors are sufficiently distinct. Where conflict of colors occurs, the home team will change colors.

10. LISFL Cups
A. The LISFL shall offer the following cup competitions:

  • Mc Kim Cup- Division I teams plus top Division II teams
  • Hertwig Cup- Reserve Division teams
  • Themann Cup- Division II teams plus top Division III teams
  • Edwards Cup- Division III teams
  • Rietschlin Cup- Over 30 Division teams
  • Gillen Cup- Over 40 Division teams
  • Cangero Cup Winner of the McKim Cup vs. the winner of the regular season first division competition.


2. Liabilities for Game Forfeits
Visiting clubs failing to appear for a regularly scheduled game are liable for legitimate expenses incurred by the home club. Such expenses,
fees, etc., are not to exceed the limit specified in Chapter X. Home clubs must send legitimate itemized bills with such claims to the league.
Home clubs must pay the referee. The referee’s fee will be automatically assessed against the visiting team by the league and returned to the home team.



C. Team Referee and Linesman Fee payable to home games only

  • Division I, McKim Cup, Cangero Cup & Dr. Manning Cup $ 80.00
  • Division II, Themann Cup & Flamhaft Cup $ 70.00
  • Division III, Reserve Division, D’Arpino Cup,
  • Hertwig Cup & Edwards Cup $ 60.00
  • Over 30 Division, Over 40 Division Marth Cup, Amoroso Cup,
  • Reitschlin Cup & Gillen Cup $ 70.00
  • Ryder-Vass Summer Tournament- each team $ 35.00
  • Linesman $ 40.00
  • Indoor Referee $ 20.00/ hr

D. Referee Travel Fee
A referee may be awarded a travel fee. This fee is awarded by the ENYSSA Referee Assignment Chairman. This amount is written on the game assignment form which the referee must present to the club representative. In case of questionable travel fees, the league should be notified immediately.


The LISFL offers a Cup competition at the end of the regular season. Competition in the LISFL
Cups is optional for the LISFL teams. The general structure is as follows:

  • McKim Cup- 1st division teams plus the top teams from the 2nd Division
  • Hertwig Cup- teams in the reserve division.
  • Themann Cup- 2nd division teams plus top teams from the 3rd Division
  • Edwards Cup- all remaining 3rd division teams
  • Rietschlin Cup- all teams in the Over 30 Divisions
  • Gillen Cup- all teams in the Over 40 Division
  • Cangero Cup- winner of the McKim Cup vs. the winner of the regular season first division competition.


Joseph Goldberg Indoor Tournament
This tournament is conducted each year at a location and cost per team as is available and required. It is open to all teams in good standing in all leagues and is open to college teams. All applications to this tournament are reviewed by the Executive Committee. Registration deadlines are set by the Tournament Committee.

College Summer Tournament ( Ryder-Vass Cup)
This tournament is open to Men’s 23 & Under Collegiate players. The games are played in the months of July and August and are late afternoon games. Cost per player entry is decided annually.



2. Rules for substitution will be for the higher division which the cup is associated.
3. There will be no ties. Games tied at the end of regulation time will be resolved by penalty kicks according to FIFA rules.
5. The final round of all cup games will have linesmen. Referee and linesmen fees for the final game shall be paid by the LISFL.


Duration: Each game will a single 24 or 28 minute period depending on your group. There is no halftime break. Each team will play a minimum of four games. Any team not ready to play at the scheduled starting time will forfeit that game.
Roster: Each team is allowed seven (7) players on the field (six plus a goalkeeper). The minimum roster size is nine (9) players, the maximum roster size is eighteen (18) players. A player may play for only one team in the tournament and must remain on their roster for the entire tournament. Removal of a player from a roster is not permitted. Players may be added to the roster up to the maximum of eighteen (18) players only in the qualifying games. Rosters are frozen after the preliminary rounds. Only two (2) non-players are
permitted on the team bench during games and they must have an ENYSSA Coaches Pass. All team personnel on the bench must stay within the marked area or can be issued a yellow card at the referee’s discretion. A team having less than four (4) players on the field will forfeit that game.

Players must be affiliated with the USSF/ENYSSA and have a current pass.
Players must be registered with the same club, player loan forms are not permitted. Rosters and passes must be presented to the Registration Committee thirty (30) minutes prior to the starting time of each session. Each team must have one person present with a current ENYSSA Coaches/Supervisor Pass.
Uniforms: Players on teams must wear the same colors. Players must have a number on their jersey. Players must wear the same number throughout the tournament. Each team must have two sets of uniforms (different colors). In the event of a uniform color conflict, the home team (the team listed first) must change jerseys. Wearing of cleats is not permitted. All players must wear shin guards.
Illegal Players: Teams with illegal players on their roster will be fined. Any team that uses an illegal player will forfeit those games the player played in. Teams using illegal players maybe removed from the tournament at the discretion of the Tournament Committee.

Rules: Standard FIFA soccer rules will be in effect except as follows:
1. There will be no off sides.
2. An indirect kick will be awarded from the midfield line if the ball passes over the midfield line without touching the playing surface or another player:
. On a goal kick
. On a throw by the goalkeepers
. On a kick by the goalkeeper from the penalty area after the goalkeeper has controlled the ball with his hands.
3. An indirect kick will be awarded if the ball hits the ceiling or any other object overhanging the playing surface. If this occurs within the penalty area, the kick will be taken from the nearest line of the penalty area.
4. A two (2) minute bench penalty will be assessed against any player receiving a yellow card from the referee. A yellow card received by the goalkeeper or someone not on the field, will be served by a player on the field. The full two minutes will be served regardless of any scoring. The penalty will not start being timed until the ejected player sits down on the penalty bench next to the 3rd referee. Two yellow cards during the same game will constitute a red card. A red card means ejection from the game. The player is also ineligible to play in the next game. Any other red cards mean a player will sit out the next game or games at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. Penalties for serious infractions may be carried over into the regular outdoor season. In the playoffs if a player is serving a two (2) minute
penalty and time expires with the score tied, that player will be allowed to take a penalty kick.
5. Unlimited in and out substitutions may be made as follows:
. In the middle of the field by the referee only.
No substitutions will be allowed in the last two (2) minutes of the game except in case of injury.
6. Goalkeepers will be allowed to handle balls passed back or thrown in from their own players.
7. If a penalty kick is awarded during a game, all players (other than the kicker and the goalkeeper) will stand up behind the midfield line.
8. Players must stand at least four (4) yards from an opponent taking a free kick.
9. There will be a two (2) minute penalty for a team that has too many players on the field.
10. No slide tackles
11. Five seconds to take any kicks after a foul.
12. Any team that starts a fight will automatically be thrown out of the tournament.
13. The clock will be stopped during the last two (2) minutes of all final games whenever the ball is not in play.


A prior Ryder Vass Tournament pass must have a current tournament registration sticker affixed to the back the pass. If a team uses a plaver pass with no current tournament registration sticker on the back during a game, that team will be thrown of the tournament.

C. Rules Covering Games
Men’s U-23 Games will be played on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Make-up games will be played on any day possible.
If a game is rained out teams must immediately re-schedule the game. If the teams cannot mutually agree on a date, the tournament chairman will decide on the date. Teams should make every effort to play all their games. An entire team not appearing for any game will forfeit that match and not be eligible to participate in the playoffs.
The supervisor must be called 45 minutes prior to game time in the event there is inclement weather.
All games will start at 6:15 P.M. A 15-minute grace period is allowed. Normally, the game will be played with two halves of 45 minutes. Equal halves of shorter duration may be played at the referee’s discretion due to darkness, etc.
A maximum of 18 players may be dress for a game. A minimum of 7 players is needed to start a game. Unlimited player substitution in and out is permitted. A LIJSL or LISFL line-up form will be used for each game.
The referee fee of $70 must be paid at the field. Each team will pay the referee $35. Failure of a team to pay the referee fee will result in disqualification from the tournament. If the referee fails to appear, the game must be played. Both teams must agree on a referee. Failure by the teams to agree on a substitute referee will mean a forfeit for both teams. The substitute referee must call the tournament chairman with the results of the game. The substitute referee must send a complete written report for any infractions to the tournament chairman.
Each team must supply a referee assistant to assist the referee under FIFA rules.
The away team must call the home team three days prior to the game for confirmation of the game site and directions to the field.
The home team must provide a lined field with corner flags. They must put up and take down the nets. They must furnish the game ball. The away team should also have a ball for use. If there is a conflict with jersey colors, the home team must change jerseys.
The home team is responsible for calling in the score of the game to the supervisor no later than two hours after the game. Failure to call in the score may result in a fine to the home team.

A club must have a home field where their home games are to be played. The club must provide goal posts, nets, corner flags and field markings. Games must be played between 9 AM and 6 PM (unless the field is equipped with field lighting) on Sundays, unless special permission has been received or mandated by the LISFL.

A team must have two sets of uniforms. The uniforms consists of shoes, socks, shin guards, shorts and jerseys. The uniforms must be identical for the complete team. One player must wear a captain’s arm band. Shoes must meet soccer specifications.

Player Passes:
A team must have between 13 and 18 properly certified player passes. These passes must be provided to the game referee prior to each game. A properly filled in player line-up form must also be given to the referee prior to the game. (Youth players properly registered with their affiliated youth league may play in LISFL games with proper permission from the ENYYSA.)

A team is expected to play the full season. The team must be ready to play at the announced game time. The team must have at least seven (7) players to start a game. The home team puts up the nets, lines the field, puts up corner flags and provides two game balls. The home team changes jersey colors if a conflict occurs. The home team calls in the score to the designated league official.

The team, manager, coaches and spectators must have excellent conduct toward the referee, the opposing players, managers, coach and spectators.

Every player in every LISFL sponsored game (except as specifically noted) must be duly registered and must present to the referee a properly authorized player pass prior to the game.

Prior to the commencement of a game, each team must present to the referee a properly completed line-up form.
Those forms are obtained from the league office.
The form contains the following information: Team name, Opponent name, Date, Pass Numbers, Jersey Numbers and Player’s Names.
Failure to correctly complete the form may result in fines according to the schedule of fines.


Arbitration Decision Guidelines
Teams whose spectators have entered the playing area will probably lose the Arbitration Board decision. See Chapter VIII.1.
Teams leaving the playing area before a game is completed will probably lose the Arbitration Board decision.
Clubs whose members threaten a game official will probably lose the Arbitration Board decision.
Clubs whose members attack a game official will lose an Arbitration Board decision as well as being suspended.
Clubs involved in a melee will probably lose an Arbitration Board decision.

Any member club demonstrating poor conduct on or off the field may be subject to suspension and loss of membership in this league, forfeiting all points, bonds and fees.
Every club is responsible to the league for the conduct of its players, officials and spectators and is required to take all necessary precautions to prevent threatening of officials and players during or at the conclusion of a game. Each team must have four officials, wearing armband, indicating club official, who shall be legally responsible for the conduct of the club and safety of the referee and the opposing team.

Uniforms shall be standard soccer uniforms. 
Clear legible numbers will be on the front and back of each uniform (4 inches in front, 8 inches in back) 
The team captain shall wear a captain’s armband in the upper left arm. 
Teams with improperly marked and non-uniform uniforms will be fined

The ball shall be spherical; the material shall be standard and safe.
The circumference shall be between 27 and 28 inches.
The weight of the ball at the beginning of the game shall be between 14 and 16 ounces.
The pressure shall be between 9 and 10.5 lbs. per sq. inch.

Fields shall be level, normally dry and should have no foreign debris which might prove harmful or cause accidents.
Dimensions shall be rectangular:
Length 100-130 yards
Width 50-100 yards
Goals shall be 24 feet wide by 8 feet high- inside dimension.
The goal area shall be 60 feet by 18 feet, centered about the goal.
The penalty area shall be 44 yards by 18 yards centered about the goal.
The penalty kick point shall be 12 yards out from the midpoint of the goal.

A circular segment, 10 yards from the penalty kick point shall be drawn outside the penalty area.
A midfield line shall be drawn.
A circle of 10 yards radius shall be drawn around the midpoint of the field.
All field markings shall be 5 inches in width.
A post with flag, 5 feet high, not pointed shall be at each corner.
A quarter circle, 1 yard radius shall be drawn inside the playing field from each corner flag.
A line ten yards from each corner may be drawn behind the goal line.
Teams with improper fields and markings can be fined.



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