League Rules - NYMWSL

Rules pertaining to Referees


(revised as of 2011 Annual Meeting)




 A player will be considered officially registered with the League and eligible to play upon the validation by the Registrar of her player’s pass.

 C. Each player must have a validated USSF player’s pass in order to play in each official League game.

 F. All coaches shall be considered members of this League and are subject to the provisions of the Constitution, By-laws and General Rules, as though they were players. They must be officially registered with a supervisor pass



 A. All rules and regulations herein shall be read in accordance with USSF (FIFA) and ENYSASA rules and regulations

 C. All games will be played under the USSF (FIFA) Laws of the Game. In addition, the following rules will apply:

 1. The Field of Play:

 (a) Each designated home team will be responsible for two (2) goal nets, four corner flags, three (3) game balls and the proper lining of the field, which should be no less than 100 yds in length and 50 yds in width as per FIFA rules. If a team with its own field is not able to find a regulation size field, the League, as per FIFA rules, will approve reasonable variations to the above mentioned measurements, such measurements must be approved by the Games Commissioner prior to the game. Each team will put up and take down one (1) net except on fields not managed by the League, in which case such team will be responsible for setting up the entire field and not responsible for any setting up when playing away. Definition of League managed field: When NYMWSL arranges, applies, pays or holds the permit for the use of the field and/or owns all field equipment. All home teams throughout the day are responsible for touching up the field before each game starts. Failure to do so, as noted on the referee report, will carry a fine as identified in Appendix I.

 (b) The field must be ready for play by the scheduled game time as determined by the referee.

 (c) Subject to terms of Section V, Paragraph C4b2, failure to comply with (a) and (b) of this paragraph will result in the home team forfeiting the game. This is in accordance with the State regulations.

 2. The Number of Players:

 (a) Each team can dress eighteen (18) players. Substitutions are unlimited (in and out), but will be made during stoppage of play and upon notification of the referee.

 (b) A team must have a minimum of seven (7) players on the field within thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled starting time. If within said thirty (30) minutes, a team is able to start the game with the minimum prescribed players the game must be commenced. If, due to the above circumstances, the game begins more than fifteen (15) minutes later than the original start time, the team, which was previously short players, will also be responsible for the full referee fee provided the opposing team is ready to start the game according to NYMWSL rules within fifteen (15) minutes of the original start time.

 3. Uniforms:

 (a) Matching uniforms for players are mandatory for all league games. ...all teams must own two (2) different color sets of uniforms.

 (c) Each uniform shall consist of a jersey, shorts, knee socks and soccer cleats or training shoes. Jersey tops, shorts and socks must be substantially similar in color and style. The wearing of shin guards is mandatoryEach player’s jersey shall be numbered with at least six inch (6") numeral on the back.

 (d) All goalkeepers must wear a jersey color which contrasts with the uniforms of both teams. Goalkeepers may wear gloves.

 (e) Jewelry and all items of apparel that are hazardous to players are not to be worn on the field, subject to the discretion of the referee.

 (f) Each captain shall wear an armband of contrasting color to her uniform.

 (g) During official League games, if there is a conflict in uniform color, it is the responsibility of the away team to change. During Cup play please check the rules for the competition.

 4. Scheduling, Postponement and Cancellation of Games:

 (c) Once the referee arrives at the field, only the referee can decide if a game is to be canceled or postponed because of weather or field conditions.

 (d) Subject to terms of Section V, Paragraph C4b2 and Paragraph C4l, if the game is called off by the referee at any time prior to the 76th minute of play due to weather or field conditions, the game will be re-scheduled and replayed in its entiretyIf the game is called off by the referee after the 76th minute of play the score will stand at the time that the game is ended. If the game is abandoned as a result of misconduct, the game will be subject to the Protest Procedures set forth in Section VII.

 (e) If the appointed referee fails to appear for the game, the Captains (or designated individuals) of the competing teams shall make every effort to agree upon an alternate referee for the game (this person need not be officially registered with the state). The alternate referee shall have all the powers and authority of an official referee, including but not limited to penalizing players with yellow or red cards. He/she must also be paid the regular referee fee as indicated herein, unless he/she declines said fee or payment. When an alternate referee is selected, both teams must obtain said referee’s name and contact information, check their respective opponent’s player passes and collect a properly completed game roster. Within forty-eight (48) hours of the completion of the game, both teams must report the final score and particulars of the match, as well as submit the collected game roster, to the Referee Commissioner, Games Commissioner and President. If the captains (or designated individuals) of the competing teams cannot agree on an alternate referee after fair deliberation (approximately 10 minutes), then the stipulations of Game Rules Section V, C, 4(f), 4(g) and 4(h) shall apply.

 (f) Both teams must still check their respective opponent’s player passes and collect a properly completed game roster; immediately notify the Referee Commissioner, Games Commissioner or President that the game must be rescheduled; and, within three (3) days, return the game rosters collected together with a complete explanation as to why an alternate referee could not be agreed upon. If a game is not played due to failure to select an alternate referee, submit team reports or game rosters, both teams shall be referred to the League Commissioner for review and possible disciplinary action and/or a fine (similar to the forfeit fee). Under no circumstance shall an alternate referee, if available, be refused unless there is a legitimate qualification or safety concern, or a demonstrated justifiable hardship. Furthermore, both teams must play on the makeup date designated by the Games Commissioner.

 (i) In accordance with FIFA rules, only one person may referee a game. Once the game has started, if the game is being called by a mutually agreed upon Referee and the official Referee arrives, the already designated Referee will finish the game.

 (2) If a team knows in advance that they will forfeit, they must notify the Games Commissioner and the Manager or Coach of the opposing team and make arrangements to cancel the referee. If the Games Commissioner cannot be reached, then the President must be contacted. Leaving a message is unacceptable; the forfeiting team must communicate directly with at least one officer mentioned above. If the game is forfeited when it is too late to contact the referee, the forfeiting team must make arrangements to send someone to the field to pay the referee fee. The team that does show up is not responsible for this fee.

 (k) A club or team using an unregistered player, or a registered player without a pass, will be subject to a Forfeit – Level 1 fine and have 2 points deducted from their point standings. If playing on a winning team, the game will be awarded to the opposing team with a score of 3:0. In case players of both teams are not registered or playing without a pass, both clubs will be subject to a Forfeit – Level 1 fine and have 2 points deducted from their point standings. Both clubs lose the game by a score of 3:0. This forfeiture counts as a cumulative forfeit in the three-forfeit rule.

 (l) Games shall under no circumstances be broken-off or terminated or shortened to less than 45 minute halves by one of the participating teams. If a team breaks off a game without permission of the referee, said team shall be penalized by losing the game 3:0. The offending team shall be subject to a Forfeit – Level 1 fine and be responsible for the full referee fee.

 (1) All teams must produce players’ and coaches’ passes for referee inspection prior to the beginning of each game. If a team cannot provide their player passes within thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled start time, the game shall be recorded as a forfeit and subject to all applicable penalties and fees. League Council, at its sole discretion, may grant an exception to this rule for circumstances of extreme hardship. However, teams must petition in writing for said exception within the first twenty-four 24 hours of game time and be prepared to provide adequate evidence. As per ENYSASA Rules, teams that do not use “official” ENYSASA issued line-up sheets will be fined for each occurrence as per Appendix I.

 (2) Coaches from other teams can lend their pass. This coach must be present for the entire game unless an emergency or extreme hardship should occur.

 (n) If a game has been played in its entirety, and afterwards, it is determined one of the teams broke a league rule and must forfeit as a result, then the opposing team wins the game 3:0, and the forfeiting team is subject to all penalties and fees. This forfeiture does not count as a cumulative forfeit in the three forfeit rule. However, if the opposing team had won the game by a score higher than 3:0, then that team must keep the original score of the game.

 5. Coaches:

 (a) Coach registration - The coach of each team must be officially registered with the League with a supervisor pass in accordance with Section I of these General Rules and Regulations.

 (b) Coaches must exhibit sportsmanlike behavior and submit a valid state coaching pass to the referee prior to the start of the match. During a game they are physically limited to the non-playing side of a touch line. They cannot enter the field of play without the referee’s permission and cannot interfere or interrupt the game in any way. They are permitted to give polite instructions and encouragement to their players. They must show courtesy toward referees and League Officials.




 The following are the penalties for players, coaches, assistant coaches and team managers:



 TWO YELLOW CARDS IN ONE GAME: Equal one red card (ejection field and game being played.) Any suspension from subsequent games will be based on the referee’s report and the discretion of the League Commissioner.

If a player or coach accumulates three yellow cards during a playing season, she/he will be suspended for one game. Yellow cards given in games when a red card was issued to that player are not to be counted.


 CAUSE SUSPENSION* (determined by the League Commissioner)

 Rough Play Up to one game

Insulting an opponent Up to one game

Assaulting an opponent Minimum two games

Insulting the referee Up to two games

Assaulting the referee Minimum two games

 *All suspensions are in addition to the game in which the penalty was given. All Red Card suspensions carry at least a one game suspension. The player will be suspended from her team’s next State sanctioned game or games (i.e. NYMWSL, STATE CUP or NATIONAL CUP).

 If the disciplinary committee levies a fine against a player or a team, the fine must be paid in full prior to the team resuming the League play. If payment is not made the team will not resume play.

 Coaching Staff ejections: If any member of the coaching staff/team management is ejected from the game, they must leave the park premises.


 1. A protest is the procedure for challenging the validity of a game for a violation of a League or FIFA rule.

 2. All protests must be submitted by the team representative to the League Commissioner and the opposing team representative, confirmed in writing, within forty-eight (48) hours of the complained of event or upon receiving notice of the violation, not to exceed one calendar month from the date of the event. The letter of protest must cite the rule(s) that was violated and therefore contests the validity of the game.

 3. The League Commissioner, or a member of the Disciplinary Committee (so designated), will obtain a copy of the referee’s report of the game that is under protest.

 5. The Disciplinary Committee may initiate a protest based solely on the Referee’s report.

 6. The decision of the Disciplinary Committee will stand as final, without the right of appeal, in the last regularly scheduled game and in all play-off games.


 1. A grievance is a written complaint regarding the misconduct of a League member or team.

 2. It is a tenet of this League to promote sportsman like conduct and fair play. Therefore, any League member may submit a written complaint to the Disciplinary Committee regarding the misconduct of another League member or team on or off the field. The complaint shall be filed within seven (7) days of the occurrence complained of and the results/decision must be reported by the League Commissioner at the next League Meeting.

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